Every summer the school offers workshops in art, architecture or restoration.

Each workshop draws from the unique, historic atmosphere of Atlanta, offering the opportunity to work directly with instructors in a hands-on, low-tech environment. The Atlanta School welcomes all levels of experience.


Wet Plate Collodion Photography
5 Day workshop w/ Jonathan Sadler

July 09 – 13, 2018 (5 Day + 6 Night)
Students arrive July 08, 8pm, leave July 14
All Levels

Jonathan Sadler returns to The Atlanta School for a third year.  In his workshop students will study wet plate collodion photography (tintypes). Using this nineteenth century photographic process, photographers like William Henry Jackson would hike, packing a substantial amount of photographic gear on a donkey, to the tops of mountains and would then expertly pour the collodion onto the plate, sensitize the plate with silver, expose and process the plate all before it dries. Taking inspiration from Henry and his cronies working in remote wilderness and primitive western towns we will experience wet plate processes in the similar surroundings of Atlanta, Idaho.  

This process requires longer exposures so we will concentrate on architecture and inanimate objects but will explore portraiture as well. 

About Jonathan Sadler
Jonathan Sadler recently relocated to Boise from Chicago, Illinois where he still maintains a studio with his collaborative partner, Luke Batten. Jonathan’s collaboration goes by the name New Catalogue.  Using a methodology that both parallels and gently ridicules the concept of stock photo agencies, New Catalogue creates photographs that tap into popular culture while expanding on traditional photographic genres. Jonathan has shown nationally and internationally at the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, The Indianapolis Museum of Art and the National Gallery in Prague, Czech Republic among others. His work is included in the permanent collections of many major museums.  Jonathan teaches all levels of Photography at Boise State University. 


Jewelry, Architecture, and Artifacts
5 Day workshop w/ Rachel Reichert

July 09 – 13, 2018 (5 Day + 6 Night)
Students arrive July 08, 8pm, leave July 14
All Levels

Looking for inspiration in heirloom artifacts and historic architecture, we’ll create jewelry that explores the intimate spaces and objects found in Atlanta, Idaho. Basic silver fabrication techniques— including sawing, filing, riveting, soldering, and die forming— will inform our approach to constructing rings, brooches, pendants, and small sculptures. We’ll survey often-overlooked spaces and their contents.  Every corner, every room, and every house will be our muse.  

Students can expect to create samples and one or more finished pieces.

About Rachel Reichert
Trained as a metalsmith, Rachel Reichert's work blurs the line between art, preservation, and community engagement. Having studied at the Oregon College of Art & Craft, Boise State University, and Penland School of Crafts, her work is influenced by cultural heritage, and the identity of place.  Reichert currently works as a studio artist, Director of the James Castle House,  and is Co-Founder of The Atlanta School. 

Architecting the Poetic Image
Weekend Hideaway w/ J. Reuben Appelman

September 15 - 16, 2018 (2 nights, 2 days)
Students arrive September 14, 8pm, leave September 16, 5pm
All Levels

To craft a line in a poem is to manage a construction within the space between self and readership. At our best, writers are able to architect a bridge between what we feel or think —that impulse that caused us to create—and what is possible to convey to an outsider.  This intimate, quiet class is a dialogue on the image-based language at the root of our impulses. A tiny selection from Christopher Alexander’s architectural text, The Timeless Way of Building, will be offered as a discussion parallel between the engineering of our physical world and the artisinal structuring of the poetic image.

About J. Reuben Appelman
J. Reuben Appelman is a screenwriter, author in multiple genres, and two-time State of Idaho Literature Fellow, funded by the National Endowment for the Arts. His film industry work includes the Netflix documentaries Playground and Jens Pulver | Driven, as well as several produced screenplays.

He works as a private investigator and is the author of the book, The Kill Jar, published by Simon & Schuster (2018) and currently being developed as a four-part docuseries for television.