Summer 2014 // Small Projects

Summer 2014 // Small Projects



Instructed by Byron Folwell & Amy O'Brien

June 29 - July 03, 2014

Students will select one or more of the following projects which may include: repairing primitive furniture and architectural elements, re-glazing wooden windows, laying a floor with reclaimed wood or working on pioneer cemetery restoration projects. Explore Atlanta’s architectural legacy. Immerse yourself in history and restoration; work directly with Architect Byron Folwell and Builder Amy O’Brien.


Byron is a native Boisean who enjoys living at the junction of city, wilderness, and home. A licensed architect with over 15 years of experience, Byron has worked on a wide range of architectural and public art projects. A member of the American Institute of Architects (AIA), Byron received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture and a Master of Architecture from the University of Idaho. Byron lives with his wife Melanie, a professional designer and photographer, and their two children Eleanora and Marlin James. They also have 3 cats, which is sometimes worth mentioning.

Amy grew up in La Jolla, California.  She danced and choreographed professionally in New York City for 23 years.  As a multifaceted artist, curator and builder, Amy has been saving, restoring and revitalizing old buildings in Atlanta, Idaho since 1998. Inspired by the work of Atlanta native, historian and artist Kerry Moosman, Amy has restored four structures: dug them out of the dirt, dismantled and relocated, built foundations, peeled back layers, stabilized supports, re-roofed, replaced flooring, insulated, repaired doors, windows, hardware and wallpaper. Her research on family history and procurement of historic photos inform the interior furnishings and décor for each project.  She is a member of the Atlanta Historical Society, a non-profit organization that works to preserve and restore Atlanta’s old cemetery and historic structures. 

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