Summer 2015 // Sound As Art

Summer 2015 // Sound As Art


3 Day workshop w/ Peter John Still
September 11–13, 2015 (3 Day + 4 Night)
Class Size | 10 - 12 Students
Students arrive September 10, 8pm, optional leave September 14

Registration covers workshop fees, room & board and workshop materials.

Percussion: the family of instruments in which sounds arise from the striking of materials with sticks, hammers, or hands. Enjoy a rare opportunity to capture nature’s noise alongside award winning sound designer Peter John Still, by employing percussional objects found in Atlanta’s backyards and junkyards. The town will become an instrument as we explore rhythms and sounds that make the world come alive. Assemble, construct, practice and perform sound as art.

Peter grew up in England, and holds a degree in music from Oxford University. Subsequently he studied music at UC San Diego and later ran away to join the theatre. He has been nominated for a Drama Desk Award (Cymbeline, 2002) and for a Tony (Golden Boy, 2012-13). Peter currently works out of the basement at Boise Contemporary Theater, and travels to New York, Lake Tahoe and elsewhere as a theatrical sound designer. His work with musicians and actors-performing-music is informed by both English and Japanese traditions, by a study of the music’s of John Cage and Arvo Part, and by a long-standing interest in collective artwork - not least the linked haiku-verse of Matsuo Basho and his predecessors and successors.

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