Campaign to Rebuild & Repair
Atlanta, Idaho


Atlanta experienced snow of historic proportions during the winter of 2017. Extreme conditions confronted many historic buildings and collapsed two historic structures: the Atlanta Club + The Hub.

The Atlanta Club, once a restaurant, bar, ice cream parlor, and general store, was home to artist, Kerry Moosman. For eighteen years, Moosman restored the structure and infused new life into the historic space. The Hub, an eighty-three year old diner, saloon, and dance hall, saved by Allen Ireland, served as a privately owned, treasured gathering space, hosting many community festivals, workshops and lectures. 

Condemned by Elmore County, the Atlanta Club and The Hub are in need of emergency stabilization. Long-term preservation plans will be established, but short-term structural reinforcements and planning efforts are eminent. Your support is vital to saving the Atlanta Club and The Hub. 100% of the funds will be directed to emergency stabilization. 

Read more about the damages in the Idaho Statesman and the National Trust For Historic Preservation

Help up raise money to support property owners in need. Your support funds emergency stabilization efforts for the Atlanta Club + The Hub.


Want to get your hands dirty and help on site? The Atlanta School 2017 summer workshops focus on preserving and documenting the Atlanta Club and The Hub. Learn more.

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The two property owners are directly managing funds.