Instructed by Kris Hargis
September 12 - 14, 2014 (2.5 Day + 2 night) 
Class Size | 10 - 12 Students

Escape to the hills for a 2 ½ day, all-inclusive weekend at The Atlanta School. Join artist Kris Hargis for a drawing, painting and performance class and explore the past through pencil, charcoal and paint. Each day students will create two-dimensional, self-portraits while examining both personal and local histories. LEARN MORE>>


|| POETRY ||

Instructed by Adrian Kien
June 25 -27, 2014 (3 Day + 4 Night)

Join poet and teacher, Adrian Kien for a writing class that will reinvigorate your imagination as you explore the layers and detritus of Atlanta. Each day writers will meet to discuss poetry and prose about place, history and nature. Then writers will be invited to walk out on their own using the readings and discussions as a lens for seeing their surroundings. Writers will then be prompted to add their own voice to this conversation through poems, stories or essays. Writers will meet twice a day – once in the morning to discuss readings and to walk, and then again in the evening for drafting and sharing of their work. No skill or knowledge of poetry is necessary. Just bring an imagination, a pen and a journal.



Instructed by Byron Folwell & Amy O'Brien
June 29 - July 03, 2014 (5 Day + 6 Night)

Students will select one or more of the following projects which may include: repairing primitive furniture and architectural elements, re-glazing wooden windows, laying a floor with reclaimed wood or working on pioneer cemetery restoration projects. Explore Atlanta’s architectural legacy. Immerse yourself in history and restoration; work directly with Architect Byron Folwell and Builder Amy O’Brien.



Instructed by Byron Folwell & Amy O'Brien
July 05 - 9, 2014 (5 Day + 6 Night)

Take inspiration from Atlanta and work collaboratively in the construction of a small structure. Tour existing buildings and learn how materials influence authenticity.

Students will survey Atlanta's historic buildings to design and construct a permanent small structure inspired by pioneer architecture. Students will learn how to work with reclaimed materials, such as wood, metal, glass and hardware.



Instructed by Greg Hahn
July 11 - 13, 2014 (3 Day + 4 Night)

Isolation can be a storyteller’s best friend — at the writing desk and on the page. Since Christ’s 40 days and nights in the desert, solitude and a sense of place have played a role in some of our great narratives. Faulkner once said, “it begins with a character,” but sometimes, that character emerges nearly fully formed from the landscape around it.

Over three days in Atlanta, Idaho, we’ll explore the power of place and seclusion in storytelling. We’ll immerse ourselves in Idaho stories. We’ll wander barren snowscapes with an Icelandic hunter in Sjon’s “Blue Fox,” and we’ll stand at the refrigerator with a brazen dog and contemplate what’s next with the poet Stephen Dobyns. And we’ll let the rugged beauty and history of our surroundings dictate our own writing.

Come prepared to put pen to paper -- this is no place for computers -- and share what this place is saying to you. We’ll disappear into the trees and reconvene with new ideas, new characters, new insights. We’ll be isolated together.