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WEEKEND HIDEAWAY: Architecting the Poetic Image

Architecting the Poetic Image
Weekend Hideaway w/ J. Reuben Appelman September 15 - 16, 2018 (2 nights, 2 days)
Students arrive September 14, 8pm, leave September 16, 5pm
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To craft a line in a poem is to manage a construction within the space between self and readership. At our best, writers are able to architect a bridge between what we feel or think —that impulse that caused us to create—and what is possible to convey to an outsider.  This intimate, quiet class is a dialogue on the image-based language at the root of our impulses. A tiny selection from Christopher Alexander’s architectural text, The Timeless Way of Building, will be offered as a discussion parallel between the engineering of our physical world and the artisinal structuring of the poetic image.