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Post Atlanta School: Artworks by Students and Instructors

Post Atlanta School: Artworks by Students and Instructors
July 28, 8-11pm

Over 25 artists take over Atlanta, Idaho on Friday, July 28. Atlanta School students and instructors, informed by the town’s unique character, transform rustic mining structures and dramatic mountains into a backdrop for this one-night, group exhibition. Post Atlanta School brings together artists working a variety of mediums, such as printmaking, painting, metalworking, ceramics, writing, sound studies and more.

Guests are invited to join us in Atlanta for the evening. Overnight camping options can be found here. Driving directions can be found here.

Artists include:

CJ McCarrick
Ian Wright
Peter John Still
Grant Huglin
Shelley Jund
Kelly Cox
Eric Mullis
Kris Hargis
Jon Sadler
Elizabeth Mcsurdy
Brooke Burton
Khara Oxier
Ruby Stigers
Melissa Frazier
Kate Masterson
Shannon Twenter
Kirsten Furlong
William Lewis
CL Young
Margaret Ratliff
Steven Gossett
Aryssa Hutchins
Rachel Reichert
Karl LeClair
Amy O’Brien
Eric Bower