Adrian Kien

Adrian Kien believes writing allows us to follow words off the track of normalcy and into the wilds of the imagination. It is dangerous and exciting where the words take us.

That is what has drawn him to doodle and write poems starting in his high school French class until now sitting on his front porch. If living means being alive, then writing poetry is how he makes his living. 

As a multi dimensional artist, not only does Adrian carefully choose his words as a poet and writer, he and his typewriter have also been found buried in a pile of dirt and sage brush, set up at the Greyhound Bus station and on a balcony of a hotel poised to write poetry on demand for an unsuspecting public.

This summer at The Atlanta School, Adrian will teach a writing class that will reinvigorate your imagination as you explore the layers and detritus of Atlanta. Each day writers will meet to discuss poetry and prose about place, history and nature. Then writers will be invited to walk out on their own using the readings and discussions as a lens for seeing their surroundings. Writers will then be prompted to add their own voice to this conversation through poems, stories or essays. No skill or knowledge of poetry is necessary. Just bring an imagination, a pen and a journal.

Adrian’s newly published book of poetry called The Caress is a Letter of Instruction, a book of love poems between a taxidermist and his trophy wife, is available here: