Taking the road to Atlanta, Idaho is a singular experience.

You will voyage alongside a river and through secluded mountain passes. A sturdy vehicle is the preferable mode of travel and a watchful eye a necessity. For most of the journey, you will travel a one-lane dirt road. It is important to take it slow, at 25 mph. Once you arrive in Atlanta, you have come to the end of the road. You will find yourself at the base of majestic Greylock Mountain with no other towns nearby (you will have already passed through the closest one, Idaho City, an hour and a half earlier.)

Situated at the edge of the Sawtooth Wilderness area, the town of Atlanta is considered “off the grid.” There is no cell phone service or wifi; students are encouraged to bring phone cards to make calls from the two pay phones in town. Atlanta also has no gas station, grocery store or hospital services. There is one café in town with irregular hours. The town site is small and most destinations are within walking distance.

While at The Atlanta School, students may room in small historic structures. Dating as far back as 1863, each structure is fully furnished. The beds in Atlanta come with fresh linens and pillows, topped off with antique quilts. Each dwelling has been restored with care and decorated to match the era of its inception. Because of their age the dwellings and furnishings are delicate and students are asked to take care while staying. The dwellings are not equipped with electricity or plumbing. There is access to water from outdoor standpipes, outhouses can be found near all dwellings and a shared bathhouse with several nearby hot springs are available for bathing. Candles and lanterns will light the rooms.

Cooking facilities and the shared bathhouse are located at The Hub. This old saloon and dance hall boasts an arresting view of Greylock Mountain from its front porch. Equipped with a piano, shuffleboard, foosball and a pool table, it will serve as the central meeting place for The Atlanta School. Students are invited to relax and recreate in this unique and colorful venue.